I’m Thankful for… Thanksgiving Vacation!

Can’t wait to start my short vacation and see my family and friends!  I love when the 5 of my family members are together- and this year with Thanksgiving at the Villages, I’m anticipating golf cart races :).

This morning I hit snooze 5 times.  I couldn’t drag myself out of bed for anything.  I think I was battling the “2 day later” soreness after my Sunday mileage.  I Sparked, and it helped a little but my bod is still dragging.

Breakfast was banana, oatmeal, cinnamon, pie spice, almond milk, muesli.  Kept me full until 11:30am


Lot of wellness discussions this morning- amongst FSU staff, national colleagues, and the Stanford Wellness staff particularly.  Excited about possibilities for expanding wellness initiatives, and the conversations are scheduled to continue (next week, after we stuff ourselves silly with turkey- or tofurkey in my case!). 

Lunch today was leftovers (hey, have to clean out my fridge for the rest of this week…)


Veggie medley, whole grains, soy sauce.

Also indulged in banana with peanut butter and honey (I’m always hungrier when I’m tired- which is why if you are striving for weight loss you should always get adequate amounts of sleep)…


I challenged my staff to the Runners World Challenge- FMC style.  They can do 1+ miles every day of anything- run, walk, swim, bike, elliptical, etc.  They just fill out the form so I can keep track and anyone who (honestly) completes the challenge will get a prize!  If you want to play, join in and fill out the form (click on the picture below)- instructions are on the form (*unfortunately I can only guarantee prizes to my staff, but maybe someday if I get enough blog readership!) For now you’ll get shoutouts 🙂


Nike shoe update:  Love em.  Never ever said that about a pair of Nikes, but the Frees are light and comfortable.  I haven’t tried to run or crosstrain in them but for everyday use, they are comfortable.


Finishing up work, then Syd and I head to Jax tonight for Yoga and UNF tours tomorrow before I get to see fam!

Safe travels to all!


Scary Sleep-Walkers and Scary Sleep-Talkers

Funny, we had a conversation at work this morning about sleep walking and sleep talking–then I came across this “How Health Savvy Are You?” Quiz and one question pertains to sleep walking.  I’ve been sleep walking before and locked myself out of a hotel room (little scary).  My personal trainer has been sleep-talking before about killing his roommate (I told him I’d rather he take his fury out on me than that!).  My mother used to perform exorcisms in her sleep (talk about scary!!). Do you have a weird sleep walking or talking habit?

Fun quiz.  I’m at Health Guru status, by the way.  I know, I’m awesome.

This morning required Spark.  And Catalyst.  And Ibuprofen.  I felt like I got ran over by a semi after my workout yesterday.


Driving into Tallahassee when it’s dark and peaceful is so nice. And our Capitol building was looking festive…


I told Forrest I had to role out of bed- that’s how much I hurt.  His response (typical): “Well, you’re going to hurt a lot more after this.”

He wasn’t lying.  Extreme circuit today- was awesome and I can’t even recall everything we did but we sure got some of everything: Powerplate, VipR, Total Body, TRX, Kettlebell, etc, etc.  I can’t feel anything right now.  I’m surprised I can type.

Breakfast was a banana and Meal Replacement- Vanilla.


Busy morning meeting with students and SGA. Luckily I remembered to grab an apple for mid-morning before I started running around like a mad woman.


When I finally made it back, I had a late lunch of salad (and forgot dressing).  I really didn’t know what to do, but I do have honey in my cabinet, so I figured, what the heck? Why not!


It was… weird.

After a meeting with Athletic Trainers, I got a tour of the Human Performance Lab at FSU.  Saw the anti-gravity treadmill, the Dexa, and the balance machine.  I love exercise testing, sometimes I think I missed my calling in that realm.


It’s been a LONG day… looking forward to getting home to my Laney girl and figuring out what dinner should be tonight!

WAIT… Smoothies And Granola Are Bad For You??

I know, I know.  We’ll get to that later. 

After a long day, I ran home fast to get in a quick walk with Laney-dog then had to run back into work to talk about the Fitness & Movement Clinic at the SGA town hall meeting.  

I grabbed a quick “protein shot” (aka boiled egg) on the way out the door.



The meeting went well… I told the students about the new facility, equipment, and programs we’re offering to help them be healthier, then took them on tours of the space and did some powerplate and TRX demos with them.  They were excited!

Walking out of my facility, I’m always amazed at how beautiful the courtyard/garden area is.  Landscapers were intentional in the design to include elements that would make it a “healing garden” and place for reflection.



Ok, I’m SUCH a dork that the whole night I was looking forward to getting back in my car so I could slip on my comfy sweatpants.  Truth.  I know–dorky. 



Got home and made dinner:

Wheat fettuccine

fresh-cooked broccoli

green olives


fresh chives


By the way, the broccoli is being sold in bags in the produce section of Publix- steam-in-bag- and is on sale right now for $1/bag.  Great deal.



Ok… now…let’s tackle the smoothies and granola!

I was reading Shape magazine online and came across “50 Seemingly Healthy Foods that are Bad for You”.  Some of these are shocking, but when you read why you understand–most of it has to do with the added processed sugar.  Added sugar very quickly adds calories to any food.  Their suggestions were to 1) look for granola that is low in added sugar and high in fiber and 2) make your own smoothies.  A lot of smoothie places add high-sugar additions to their smoothies and many use full-fat ice cream.  Make ’em at home and use your own ingredients!  (cheaper too)…



My favorite way to make my own smoothies:

frozen fruit

light non-sweetened soy milk

no sugar vanilla pudding mix (or try a meal replacement shake powder!)

a touch of agave nectar


The pudding mix makes it thicken and taste- smoothie-like- just make sure it’s the sugar free kind!

Yup, it’s Monday.

You know… just, Monday?? My computer restarted itself halfway through a post so I’m rewriting.  I got hit in the head with an acorn on my run this morning (which in itself wasn’t wonderful).  And it’s just kind of been Monday at work…lots of meetings, issues, etc.

BUT… I know, we choose our own attitude, right?  Like the FISH philosophy (highly recommended staff training material if you are not aware of FISH).  So, I’m choosing to still make the most of Monday.

I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up early.  Decided to go for a run, but wanted some quick energy, so figured it would be a great morning to try Slam (a condensed version of Spark- shot size).


My morning run was shorter than usual and I think I just didn’t get enough sleep to really fuel a long run.  But I ALWAYS think: would I regret it if I run right now- No.  Would I regret it later if I don’t run right now- Yes.

My breakfast needed a little extra protein so I opted for oatmeal, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a banana mixed together.  Good stuff.

At work- busy morning for sure.  Needed a little pick-me-up and my super sweet Coordinator picked me up a Starbucks Passionfruit iced tea.  Mmmm… thanks Syd!

Survived the morning with an apple snack, but was super hungry for some reason.  Finally got to my standard salad and felt a little better.  I know there are so many repeats of food in my life- I enjoy trying new things and new recipes, but convenience rules my life.  And I don’t mind repeating meals.  I honestly haven’t felt this good in a long time, so I prefer to eat veggies and fruit and feel awesome then to always have a culinary concoction that I don’t know the ingredients…

I really do feel awesome- I know I’ve already lost some weight/inches (still no quantifiable data- I’m waiting until day 11 for the first follow-up), and I honestly wasn’t expecting to see results that fast.  I definitely had some weight to lose, but still… it wasn’t that much.  I’m just really happy with the results so far!

Anyway, on with the rest of my Monday.

And for those of you following the Lamb Chop massacre:

Yes, she’s very proud.