Free America: We Are Blessed

BIG thank you to all veterans and current servicemen (and women) out there.  The sacrifices you and your loved ones make every day ensure our freedom and I’m so grateful. Happy Veterans Day (well technically yesterday…)

This morning I decided to try a meal replacement.  OMG, soooo good.  I’m always a little leery but the vanilla is outstanding! Also- my supplement strips for the day:


I blended the meal replacement (220 calories) – vanilla flavored- with a banana, ice, and a touch of chocolate.  So yummy.


I’m having a lazy morning so far.  Heading to work in a bit to get a few things taken care of, but I’m loving this slow pace.  Work has been hectic lately and I’m completely enjoying having time for myself (and Laney!).

It’s so beautiful outside I may end up poolside later this afternoon for a bit to catch up on some of this book:


Good book.  I may also have to venture into Barnes & Noble here- one of the blogs I follow- Undressed Skeleton– recommended the book below and it sounds right up my alley:


The girl that writes Undressed Skeleton is 1) so adorable (I think homegirl should be on a runway personally) and 2) so inspirational.  If you click on her “Brief Bio” in her blog, she documents her growing up years- she was overweight and unhappy.  And bullied.  And she pulled through it and is now happy and healthy.  It’s so inspirational.  It make me recall some of my childhood.  I was never overweight as a child.  And I was never bullied (especially like kids are now -it’s truly terrible).  But I wasn’t the girl that really fit in.  I remember my freshman year of high school- I came home almost every night from school crying.  It broke my mom’s heart I remember, but honestly, that’s just small town living.  I went on to make the most of my high school years (mainly because there were a few girlfriends that were nice to me and I got a serious boyfriend for the last 2 years).  Reading Taralynn’s account made me recall some of those same feelings and also made me wonder- did I myself really treat other people in high school nicely and with respect?  Looking back, I hope so… but you never know. If not, I apologize to those that I may have mistreated in any way.



See? Inspirational.  And gorgeous!  Go be a model girl!

Welcome To My Life: Obesity Reports, Getting Lost, & “Don’t Let That Bear Getcha!”

My high school track coach- Coach Evans- was famous for this one-liner.  Especially when running the 400.  I hated the 400.  Give me a 200.  Give me a 800 (hell, I went to State in the 800)… but the 400 was a whole other kind of race.  Coach would say this to us when we were 3/4 around that lap at an all-out sprint, lungs burning, just ready to quit.  I hated that line almost as much as I hated the race itself.  

However, now that I’m all grown, that phrase has whole new meaning to me.  Tackling a hard sprint workout, taking on a tough spot during an endurance run…even just in everyday life sometimes I remember good ole Coach Evans standing on the far corner of the track: “April- don’t let that bear get on your back!”  

Needed that line today!

Today was the start of the “next” 14 days of the 24-Day Challenge. I’m done with the cleanse and now have preset strips of supplements/vitamins for the next 14 days. It’s even blonde-proof…tells me exactly when to take each set.  Ha.  


Breakfast was oatmeal, a spoonful of peanut butter and a pear


Sunday mornings are typically lazy and my chance to catch up on any current events, research, etc.  Today I stumbled across the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Issue Report: “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2011”.  

The report tackles the issue head-on: ” Obesity is one of the most challenging health crises the country has ever faced. Two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children and teens are currently obese or overweight, putting them at increased risk for more than 20 major diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It’s not just our health that is suffering: obesity-related medical costs and a less productive workforce are hampering America’s ability to compete in the global economy.”


The report identifies and focuses on policy as a change-agent for this problem in America… specifically 6 policies that will help people choose health — by strengthening their ability to make healthy decisions, by removing obstacles to healthy choices, and by creating more opportunities to be healthy — particularly for those groups of people whose options have been most limited.

While I found this report extremely interesting and informative, it could be a bit of a dry read if you are looking for entertainment or strictly shock value.  However, to my colleagues in the field, this is yet another worthwhile document to take into consideration with the work we do everyday. 

And so on with my day…

I met my friend Jen for a long run this morning.  When I got to her house I thanked my lucky stars I always carry Body Glide in my purse (who does that?!).



Jen and I ran about 5 miles together and I decided to keep going for a few more.  Unfortunately, I was in her neighborhood (which I’m not as familiar with) and I have a tendency to get lost easily.  Like, very easily.  And get lost I did. 

I had no idea where I was around mile 6 but just kept going.  I made it to mile 7.5 before I started channeling Coach Evans – that bear was on my back in the form of dehydration and lost-ness (yeah, I make up my own words.  So what?).  Pushed through 8 miles of non-stop running and finally had to break.  Then walked/ran back to the house for probably another 1.5 miles and back to a worried Jen and Gabe (sorry guys!!!).  

Showers never feel so good as either a) after a long camping and/or lake trip or b) after a very long run.  My shower today was amazing.  

Lunch was leftover salad from yesterday’s party + supplements, then was off to spend the afternoon with one of my friends that moved south from Wisconsin.  Different world down here for sure!  We drank some New Glarus then made our way to BWW where I had a black bean burger (minus cheese, heavy dressings and the bun) and a salad.  



Yum… New Glarus is always good balance 🙂