I know, I haven’t posted in a week… I’ve been too crazy this week to even breathe. Catching up after a conference can be difficult- I’m not looking forward to March when I travel almost back-to-back.  I’ll just catch up with week highlights:


Got rear-ended- Happy Monday to me!  The Nissan was just scratched up a bit, but the 4-runner that hit me wasn’t in great shape.




Was a sickly girl.  Did end up booking my plane tickets to Portland for January. Found out if I want to have a “comfort seat” in economy (i.e. a seat in the first 3 rows), it’ll cost me an extra $80.  Really, Delta? Really.

It was also the only day I skipped my #RWRunStreak 1-mile.  I just couldn’t get myself out the door with the way I felt. Luckily my coordinator picked up my slack, so I counted it!



Felt so much better Wednesday morning, and wanted to make up for missing my mile the day before.  I rocked out 5 like a champ, and set a new PR:


At work, one of my staffers brought me a soy latte- Jordan, you’re the best!! 


That night, my “work wife” and I had our weekly wife date (for the first time in 3 weeks…).  We made great friends with the bartender too, which definitely has its perks!




I broke into my new flavor of Spark- Mango strawberry.  Delicousness in powder-form.


At work: Present from my doggie-sitter:  cookie butter!  My extreme weakness



Lunch was outstanding- Syd and I went to Salad Creations- they make amazing chopped salads.  



That night, we had a dinner with the construction crew that built our building.  It was so much fun, and we enjoyed conversation, wine, and great food at Mozaik.  Highly recommend this restaurant- it does have veggie and vegan options too!


By far my busiest work day.  I barely had time to squeeze in my mile and a quick TRX circuit in between meetings. 

After work, some of the staff headed out to check out one of my Building Supervisors’ art work. Demi is very talented and I’m so proud that they put her piece on display during the First Friday event.  The pro staff all met at Fermentation Lounge for a quick drink before we went to check out the art.  Kellie brought angel paws with:



Afterwards, Demi with her artwork:






Kellie and I met for a distance run.  We started off with the two of us and the two Lauren’s, but they were both going to a class at 11 and only did the first few miles with us.  Kellie and I knocked out 9- it was a PR for me, but with the hills, the pace, and a few other elements like my left quad hurting and the onset of congestion, the run was one of the worst ones I’ve done in awhile.  Kellie too- she rubbed her ankle so raw she was bleeding when we were done.  



Now I’m just being lazy, sitting on my couch, really not moving- yet.  I need to bake my green beans and get into an ugly sweater before my staff holiday party tonight.  I’m sure that’ll happen- eventually.  🙂

Country Music and Cheap Chardonnay

Laney and I played hide-and-seek this morning.  I won.


Last night was sooo much fun.  It’s my friend’s birthday today (Happy Birthday LT!) and we celebrated last night with dinner and some country music.  Chase Rice is one of her childhood friends and was playing on campus as the Club Down Under.

Dressing for dinner I had a personal victory- I haven’t been able to fit into this shirt in a year!  My arms, chest, tummy were all too big.  Now it’s perfect!  Love it!


Dinner at Andrews was their California Salad- it was actually really delicious!


My first time at Club Down Under.  It’s strange to have a venue like this on-campus- my previous institution didn’t have anything like it at all…


They didn’t have much of a drinking selection so LT and I settled on some cheap Chardonnay.


And the best part- she gets pulled on-stage and he sang “Happy Birthday” to his old highschool friend.  So cute!


This morning I woke up VERY sore from my multiple workouts this week.  Breakfast was yummy: Frozen strawberries + vanilla shake = delish


When I got to work, Kitty Kat and I made a quick Starbucks run before meeting craziness took over our days.  I ventured out and got a skim sugar-free peppermint latte.  It was so festive in the store- holiday festive!


Looking forward to dinner with my cousin tonight and seeing my beautiful Michelle!!!!

“Run Annie Run” (THAT’S What Killed Me Today)

The Healthy Campus meeting was so much fun.  Everyone had great ideas and is willing to contribute to make our campus healthier.  Exciting!

Right after the meeting, Kellie- our Marketing Coordinator and crazy competitive workout freak of nature (all love, Kel, all love…)- convinced me to workout with her.  1) I had zero plans of working out until my nightly dog run; therefore had zero workout clothes with me and 2) am not even close to the fitness level Kellie is.  I agreed though…

First, we maxed out sets of 5 squatting.  I maxed with 3 sets of 5 at 165 lbs.  I think Kellie was at 220…

Then we maxed out sets of 5 reps bench press.  I maxed with 3 sets of 5 at 100 lbs.  Proud moment…wait for it… Kellie maxed at 80.  I couldn’t believe it…definitely a fluke today if I could outlift her in anything!  

She then showed me how to use the Jammer machine.  I mean, attempted to show me.  Or showed me and I just made a fool out of myself trying to get my form right. 

After our weight session, we got our heart rates up (WAY up!) with “Run Annie Run”.  The exercise consisted of 200 unders in jump rope, 50 situps, one lap around the track.  Come back and descend the ladder- 160 unders, 40 situps, one lap around the track; then 120 unders, 30 situps, one lap around the track (you get the idea).  

By the end of the session I really just wanted to know- WHO is this Annie that I’m cursing and why did she create a program of cardio torture???  🙂  Then I told Kellie we should do that every Monday/Wednesday.  I may have  a little of the Kellie-workout-freak in me. 

On the way out the door our Group Exercise Coordinator gave me one of the old body bars for my office (since yesterday I was in Kellie’s office doing deadlifts with her body bar- in my skirt.  I’m classy). 



I inhaled a quick salad lunch



My afternoon was spent doing Supervisor evaluations.  It really just made me so grateful that I have such wonderful and competent student supervisors working for me.  

Afterwards, I went out to the Rez to join the Rec board for dinner



Taylor’s excited for her food!

My plate…



My boss’s plate…



I got all preachy about greasy BBQ just to tease him, but he just grinned and stuck a forkful of pork in his mouth.  So much for that…

Got home to run Laney and make my dinner. I’m going to have to put Laney on an acorn cleanse I think.  She’s addicted.  My dinner was leftover couscous with avocado.  I wasn’t too creative and I did already eat some veggies, so figured I didn’t have to try to hard tonight. 



And that’s it today…going to make tea!

Welcome To My Life: Obesity Reports, Getting Lost, & “Don’t Let That Bear Getcha!”

My high school track coach- Coach Evans- was famous for this one-liner.  Especially when running the 400.  I hated the 400.  Give me a 200.  Give me a 800 (hell, I went to State in the 800)… but the 400 was a whole other kind of race.  Coach would say this to us when we were 3/4 around that lap at an all-out sprint, lungs burning, just ready to quit.  I hated that line almost as much as I hated the race itself.  

However, now that I’m all grown, that phrase has whole new meaning to me.  Tackling a hard sprint workout, taking on a tough spot during an endurance run…even just in everyday life sometimes I remember good ole Coach Evans standing on the far corner of the track: “April- don’t let that bear get on your back!”  

Needed that line today!

Today was the start of the “next” 14 days of the 24-Day Challenge. I’m done with the cleanse and now have preset strips of supplements/vitamins for the next 14 days. It’s even blonde-proof…tells me exactly when to take each set.  Ha.  


Breakfast was oatmeal, a spoonful of peanut butter and a pear


Sunday mornings are typically lazy and my chance to catch up on any current events, research, etc.  Today I stumbled across the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Issue Report: “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2011”.  

The report tackles the issue head-on: ” Obesity is one of the most challenging health crises the country has ever faced. Two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children and teens are currently obese or overweight, putting them at increased risk for more than 20 major diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It’s not just our health that is suffering: obesity-related medical costs and a less productive workforce are hampering America’s ability to compete in the global economy.”


The report identifies and focuses on policy as a change-agent for this problem in America… specifically 6 policies that will help people choose health — by strengthening their ability to make healthy decisions, by removing obstacles to healthy choices, and by creating more opportunities to be healthy — particularly for those groups of people whose options have been most limited.

While I found this report extremely interesting and informative, it could be a bit of a dry read if you are looking for entertainment or strictly shock value.  However, to my colleagues in the field, this is yet another worthwhile document to take into consideration with the work we do everyday. 

And so on with my day…

I met my friend Jen for a long run this morning.  When I got to her house I thanked my lucky stars I always carry Body Glide in my purse (who does that?!).



Jen and I ran about 5 miles together and I decided to keep going for a few more.  Unfortunately, I was in her neighborhood (which I’m not as familiar with) and I have a tendency to get lost easily.  Like, very easily.  And get lost I did. 

I had no idea where I was around mile 6 but just kept going.  I made it to mile 7.5 before I started channeling Coach Evans – that bear was on my back in the form of dehydration and lost-ness (yeah, I make up my own words.  So what?).  Pushed through 8 miles of non-stop running and finally had to break.  Then walked/ran back to the house for probably another 1.5 miles and back to a worried Jen and Gabe (sorry guys!!!).  

Showers never feel so good as either a) after a long camping and/or lake trip or b) after a very long run.  My shower today was amazing.  

Lunch was leftover salad from yesterday’s party + supplements, then was off to spend the afternoon with one of my friends that moved south from Wisconsin.  Different world down here for sure!  We drank some New Glarus then made our way to BWW where I had a black bean burger (minus cheese, heavy dressings and the bun) and a salad.  



Yum… New Glarus is always good balance 🙂

Spandex Saturday

I live in spandex and sweats on the weekends.  LOVE it.

Last night’s basketball game was a good one (unfortunately we lost).  I forgot how much I enjoy live basketball.


This morning I didn’t want to wake up at all… but I was definitely in a better mood than I’ve been for most of the week.  It’s the last day of my cleanse, I’m seeing the results I want to see, and feeling great. On a side note (for the ladies- sorry guys)- it’s “that time of the month” and I didn’t have any physical symptoms- I usually get pretty bad headaches and cramps that would kill a moose, but I had zero symptoms this month.  I have heard that sugar and simple carbs worsen symptoms, and I think that by cutting those and eating clean I’ve been able  to lessen/avoid the symptoms.

Anyway, went in to work this morning to do a diversity activity with the facilities staff.  Everyone seemed pretty engaged and we got into some conversation that I hope helped connect them as a team a little more and learn more about themselves individually.

Afterwards I decided to do a stadium workout.  It’s beautiful outside- sunny and a little chilly with a breeze.


It did get a little hot with the sun blaring…

Publix was my next stop- needed salad supplies for the Texas A & M/Bama game.


How awesome is their slogan: “Change the world one salad at a time” ?  Awesome!!

Ingredients beforehand:


Spring mix






light pesto-olive oil dressing

tomato-basil almonds

Mix together and viola!


I also made frozen chocolate covered bananas with almonds for dessert:


Ok, off to Lo’s house to watch the game!  Maybe I’ll wear Gator gear 😉