We’re Going Streaking!



Classic.  Watch that movie clip here.

Seriously, though…we’re all going streaking.  Had this tweet from my friend at Baldman Chronicles yesterday:


The Runners World- sponsored Run Streak- holiday edition is here for 2012.  I haven’t done this challenge before but I am absolutely in.  I keep thinking…all the workouts I do?  This should be cake!  Minus those days I just really want to be lazy.  Or those days I have a tough personal training session.  Or Saturdays.  Or Sundays… ok, this could actually be a good challenge for me. 

Pledge to run with me!

1+ miles EVERYday from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day

Log your miles on twitter using: #RWRunStreak or via RW 2012 Holiday Running Streak Group

Don’t break the running streak!

A credible runner’s reason to shed extra pounds: for every 1 extra lb you carry, you put 4lbs of added stress on your knees!  Crazy, right?  Do your knees a favor and get rid of excess weight!  

Parting pic of the day for this post:  my super adorable group fitness instructor friend, dressed to the (fitness) nines in Lulumon (love that line).  Doesn’t she look like a cute little power ranger?


Energizer Bunny

THAT’S the kind of energy I’ve had today.  I have no clue why.

I went into the office to get a little work done and decided I would actually work out.  First, I wanted to get my weight and some measurements.

Day 1: 157 lbs, waist = 31.25″, hips = 40″

Day 12: 151 lbs, waist = 30″, hips = 36.5″

Progress- love it!

I downed an apple for some energy


My workout started on the Woodway treadmill- their virtual active trainer put me in the California mountains on a run.  I did a quick mile and the entire time felt like I was dodging trees and jumping rocks.  I got a little into it…I’m sure my staff was like, what is she doing on that treadmill?  Was so fun though!

Then I did a leg circuit- squats, hams, quads, calves, stairmaster.  Afterwards found a slice of pumpkin cream cheese roll from Leanne- all my staff has been super supportive of my venture, some just show it a little differently :).  Love it!  I’ll have to try a little later…


Got home and needed to clean the house.  Always feel better after that. Also pre-made lunches for the rest of the week and got some laundry done.  Then ate a late lunch of chili and a hardboiled egg for protein.


I still had plenty of energy so took Laney for a run.  We did twice the distance we typically do and I could have gone longer.  So crazy! Typically if I do a long run I’m out the next day so this is very strange behavior for me.  Laney loved it though…. she could have kept going also.

I came back to an adorable picture on my phone- one of my best friends got a bulldog puppy today- she is so precious.  He had a bulldog before and gave it to his mom to look after as he moved coaching jobs, but she didn’t want to give the dog back so he decided to just get another.  She really is so sweet, I can’t wait to see her in person.


After running I decided to make chocolate chip cookies for one of my friends who’s going through a tough time.  Even though he’s not vegan, I still make them that way :).  I use the recipe on the back of the Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chip bag, then substitute the butter for Smart Balance 50% lighter with flax and the eggs for 1/4 can of pure pumpkin puree. They are delicious but I wasn’t even tempted to eat any.  I’ve felt so incredible by just avoiding processed sugar in the past week that I was able to resist.


I like to set the mood with candlelight while I’m baking.  Or…maybe one of my lightbulbs in the kitchen went out and I’m too lazy to replace it right now.  You know, either way a little natural light is refreshing.

Dinner tonight was Indian-inspired: couscous with spinach dal and a side of broccoli and avocado.  Yum!


And I’m off to fold laundry and do my nails before bed…

Half Marathon Planning…

Love Hal Higdon’s marathon and half training plans.  I decided to start with Novice 2.  Intermediate is possible, but I’m pretty far removed from last year’s half and I’m not sure I’m up for the speedwork, etc yet.  Next one, next one.

Gearing up for the Tallahassee Half– February 3, 2013- who’s with me?!

I was ravenous by 12:30pm today- even after breakfast, an apple and an orange.  5 miles made me starving! Lunch was salad with tomato, carrots, green peppers, apple, and smoky tomato vinaigrette.


My poor Coordinator agreed to help out in a bind and teach her second spin class at 12:30 today since no one else could do it.  She had a tough time walking down the stairs…  The best part was Starbucks was full so we had to go right back up the stairs to go back to my office to meet.  Poor Syd 🙂


Got home and checked the mail- latest issue or Runners World!  It’s like Christmas once a month.


The nightly Laney-April run was a COLD one tonight.  I suited up like Catwoman!


Meow!  I do amuse myself.  And I do feel like Catwoman in that outfit.

Laney and I had a more eventful run than most nights- halfway through she stopped to throw up Lamb Chop (I thought that saga was over… apparently not).  She clearly felt better and started in on acorns until a deer crossed in front of us.  And… Laney now has a new, bigger goal.

Dinner tonight was leftovers- rice, peas, onions, and chickpea blend.  I’m too tired to get creative with food tonight…


Sustainable Running

Yesterday’s conference call really sparked my thought process on what sustainability means to me- not just environmentally, but in everyday life.  On my run this morning, I thought about the past few days and my struggle to get in a “good” run and what made this morning different.  I had a few thoughts I’ll throw in throughout the post.

Pre-Run Energy


Half a banana and half a glass of Spark was perfect fuel for a distance run this morning (and lots of water, of course).  Adding a small amount of food to my morning runs helps tremendously.

Sustainable Pace

I’m not always good at this.  But I know- I start off too fast and I can’t finish my run, or I push too hard and get injured.  In the first 2 – 2.5 miles I have to conscientiously remind myself to keep my pace steady.  Having the Garmin helps:


I try for negative splits, although today was fast 1st mile, slower 2, 3, and 4 and fast 5 mile again.  Not sure what type of training that’s called (or just:  “hills kicked April’s ass this morning” training plan).

Mental Ability

Or ambition, or positive energy, or berating/shaming yourself into finishing out a run.  Whatever works.  I use all three methods depending on my mood.  There is a certain part of distance running that relies on consistent training, but there’s also part of it that relies on how you tell yourself you’re going to make it through.

External Influences (aka, Music)

I live for music.  If I have a bad day, I pop in earphones and go for a quick run.  Love it.  Added new songs to my playlist:

Cash Out: Cashin Out

I Cry: Flo Rida

Somewhere with You: Kenny Chesney

Hall of Fame: The Script (this one is extra motivational- I love it!)

Your Body: Christina Aguilera

Afterwards:  Stretching, Showering, Re-fueling


Yummy: Apple, banana, muesli, soy milk. Good refuel. 

When I got into work I had a gift from Bob (our sweet accountant).  He knows me so well.


I already devoured the apple (hey!  5 miles will make a girl hungry!)


Yup, it’s Monday.

You know… just, Monday?? My computer restarted itself halfway through a post so I’m rewriting.  I got hit in the head with an acorn on my run this morning (which in itself wasn’t wonderful).  And it’s just kind of been Monday at work…lots of meetings, issues, etc.

BUT… I know, we choose our own attitude, right?  Like the FISH philosophy (highly recommended staff training material if you are not aware of FISH).  So, I’m choosing to still make the most of Monday.

I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up early.  Decided to go for a run, but wanted some quick energy, so figured it would be a great morning to try Slam (a condensed version of Spark- shot size).


My morning run was shorter than usual and I think I just didn’t get enough sleep to really fuel a long run.  But I ALWAYS think: would I regret it if I run right now- No.  Would I regret it later if I don’t run right now- Yes.

My breakfast needed a little extra protein so I opted for oatmeal, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a banana mixed together.  Good stuff.

At work- busy morning for sure.  Needed a little pick-me-up and my super sweet Coordinator picked me up a Starbucks Passionfruit iced tea.  Mmmm… thanks Syd!

Survived the morning with an apple snack, but was super hungry for some reason.  Finally got to my standard salad and felt a little better.  I know there are so many repeats of food in my life- I enjoy trying new things and new recipes, but convenience rules my life.  And I don’t mind repeating meals.  I honestly haven’t felt this good in a long time, so I prefer to eat veggies and fruit and feel awesome then to always have a culinary concoction that I don’t know the ingredients…

I really do feel awesome- I know I’ve already lost some weight/inches (still no quantifiable data- I’m waiting until day 11 for the first follow-up), and I honestly wasn’t expecting to see results that fast.  I definitely had some weight to lose, but still… it wasn’t that much.  I’m just really happy with the results so far!

Anyway, on with the rest of my Monday.

And for those of you following the Lamb Chop massacre:

Yes, she’s very proud.

How Do You Know Runners are AWESOME?

If my marathon got cancelled, I’d be pretty sad. But in the light of hurricane Sandy, I would absolutely do this: Image

NYC marathoners that were supposed to have their race this morning instead volunteered on Staten Island.  Just awesome…so much respect.

I did get some motivation to run myself late this morning- my friend Thomas Pederson (The Baldman Chronicles) hosts a virtual 5k at least once/year.  Great idea. Unfortunately, I learned a lesson:  heavy leg days and running stadiums towards the end of the week are not conducive to a long run.  So, I ended up doing the interval run/walk thing (I always feel like all the other runners are judging me when I have to do this).


Got back in for a late breakfast- my muesli mix inspired yet again: banana, apple, muesli, soy milk.  Yumm.  I added a hard-boiled egg for protein (for those of you that know me well, yes…I AM the worst vegan ever.  Won’t eat meat but I will eat cage-free eggs).


After breakfast I focused on giving Big Bertha and Laney a little TLC– both needed baths!


Laney was much more difficult to wash than Big Bertha (don’t even pretend you don’t name your vehicles!!).  Squirrels and acorns rule Laneys world, and that is her only focus.  Sometimes I feel like I live in a cartoon. Laney, you’re so cliche.

Lunch was leftovers.  Waste not, want not!  I could talk for a long time about food sustainability, but I’ll save that for another day 🙂


On a side note, this is the first time I’ve finished a bag of spinach before having to throw it away.  Veggies are making me feel amazing…

My friend Andi brought me some ears of corn… I need to figure out some good corn recipes- any suggestions?