I know, I haven’t posted in a week… I’ve been too crazy this week to even breathe. Catching up after a conference can be difficult- I’m not looking forward to March when I travel almost back-to-back.  I’ll just catch up with week highlights:


Got rear-ended- Happy Monday to me!  The Nissan was just scratched up a bit, but the 4-runner that hit me wasn’t in great shape.




Was a sickly girl.  Did end up booking my plane tickets to Portland for January. Found out if I want to have a “comfort seat” in economy (i.e. a seat in the first 3 rows), it’ll cost me an extra $80.  Really, Delta? Really.

It was also the only day I skipped my #RWRunStreak 1-mile.  I just couldn’t get myself out the door with the way I felt. Luckily my coordinator picked up my slack, so I counted it!



Felt so much better Wednesday morning, and wanted to make up for missing my mile the day before.  I rocked out 5 like a champ, and set a new PR:


At work, one of my staffers brought me a soy latte- Jordan, you’re the best!! 


That night, my “work wife” and I had our weekly wife date (for the first time in 3 weeks…).  We made great friends with the bartender too, which definitely has its perks!




I broke into my new flavor of Spark- Mango strawberry.  Delicousness in powder-form.


At work: Present from my doggie-sitter:  cookie butter!  My extreme weakness



Lunch was outstanding- Syd and I went to Salad Creations- they make amazing chopped salads.  



That night, we had a dinner with the construction crew that built our building.  It was so much fun, and we enjoyed conversation, wine, and great food at Mozaik.  Highly recommend this restaurant- it does have veggie and vegan options too!


By far my busiest work day.  I barely had time to squeeze in my mile and a quick TRX circuit in between meetings. 

After work, some of the staff headed out to check out one of my Building Supervisors’ art work. Demi is very talented and I’m so proud that they put her piece on display during the First Friday event.  The pro staff all met at Fermentation Lounge for a quick drink before we went to check out the art.  Kellie brought angel paws with:



Afterwards, Demi with her artwork:






Kellie and I met for a distance run.  We started off with the two of us and the two Lauren’s, but they were both going to a class at 11 and only did the first few miles with us.  Kellie and I knocked out 9- it was a PR for me, but with the hills, the pace, and a few other elements like my left quad hurting and the onset of congestion, the run was one of the worst ones I’ve done in awhile.  Kellie too- she rubbed her ankle so raw she was bleeding when we were done.  



Now I’m just being lazy, sitting on my couch, really not moving- yet.  I need to bake my green beans and get into an ugly sweater before my staff holiday party tonight.  I’m sure that’ll happen- eventually.  🙂

Animal Cracker Ape

Halfway through my afternoon I started eyeballin the big tub of animal crackers under my desk.  For real, I have one of those.  I loooove animal crackers (the only animals I eat!).  My staff even calls me “Animal Cracker Ape”.  Cute nickname…but, they aren’t so healthy…


I settled on a banana instead.

As I was (attempting) to write a report (it really was a typical Monday today), I ended up admiring my shoes instead.  Went on an all-out search for cute closed-toed shoes that are flat on Saturday.  Last week my right hip and knee started hurting- I was terrified it was from running but figured out it was most likely from wearing heels all the time.  I’m getting too old to look cute in heels anymore! (at least it wasn’t the running!)


FINALLY made it through today and headed home.  Tallahassee rush hour at 5pm isn’t so fun though…I really have to remember to leave at either 4:30 or 6pm.


Came home to walk Laney- aka, “drag homegirl past as many acorns as I can without her snatching them up”.  It’s an everyday battle for us both.

Dinner was easy, cheap, healthy, and tasted great.  Can’t get much better than that. Target’s Archer Farms creates steam-in-bag meals.  Thai-inspired rice and veggies = delish!




Night 5 of the cleanse, I took Herbal Cleanse pills and Nighttime Recovery.  And now I’m sitting with a hot cup of jasmine tea (with a splash of agave nectar and soy milk) while I wind down from the day.

Goodnight, fare thee well, until tomorrow….

Yup, it’s Monday.

You know… just, Monday?? My computer restarted itself halfway through a post so I’m rewriting.  I got hit in the head with an acorn on my run this morning (which in itself wasn’t wonderful).  And it’s just kind of been Monday at work…lots of meetings, issues, etc.

BUT… I know, we choose our own attitude, right?  Like the FISH philosophy (highly recommended staff training material if you are not aware of FISH).  So, I’m choosing to still make the most of Monday.

I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up early.  Decided to go for a run, but wanted some quick energy, so figured it would be a great morning to try Slam (a condensed version of Spark- shot size).


My morning run was shorter than usual and I think I just didn’t get enough sleep to really fuel a long run.  But I ALWAYS think: would I regret it if I run right now- No.  Would I regret it later if I don’t run right now- Yes.

My breakfast needed a little extra protein so I opted for oatmeal, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a banana mixed together.  Good stuff.

At work- busy morning for sure.  Needed a little pick-me-up and my super sweet Coordinator picked me up a Starbucks Passionfruit iced tea.  Mmmm… thanks Syd!

Survived the morning with an apple snack, but was super hungry for some reason.  Finally got to my standard salad and felt a little better.  I know there are so many repeats of food in my life- I enjoy trying new things and new recipes, but convenience rules my life.  And I don’t mind repeating meals.  I honestly haven’t felt this good in a long time, so I prefer to eat veggies and fruit and feel awesome then to always have a culinary concoction that I don’t know the ingredients…

I really do feel awesome- I know I’ve already lost some weight/inches (still no quantifiable data- I’m waiting until day 11 for the first follow-up), and I honestly wasn’t expecting to see results that fast.  I definitely had some weight to lose, but still… it wasn’t that much.  I’m just really happy with the results so far!

Anyway, on with the rest of my Monday.

And for those of you following the Lamb Chop massacre:

Yes, she’s very proud.