WAIT… Smoothies And Granola Are Bad For You??

I know, I know.  We’ll get to that later. 

After a long day, I ran home fast to get in a quick walk with Laney-dog then had to run back into work to talk about the Fitness & Movement Clinic at the SGA town hall meeting.  

I grabbed a quick “protein shot” (aka boiled egg) on the way out the door.



The meeting went well… I told the students about the new facility, equipment, and programs we’re offering to help them be healthier, then took them on tours of the space and did some powerplate and TRX demos with them.  They were excited!

Walking out of my facility, I’m always amazed at how beautiful the courtyard/garden area is.  Landscapers were intentional in the design to include elements that would make it a “healing garden” and place for reflection.



Ok, I’m SUCH a dork that the whole night I was looking forward to getting back in my car so I could slip on my comfy sweatpants.  Truth.  I know–dorky. 



Got home and made dinner:

Wheat fettuccine

fresh-cooked broccoli

green olives


fresh chives


By the way, the broccoli is being sold in bags in the produce section of Publix- steam-in-bag- and is on sale right now for $1/bag.  Great deal.



Ok… now…let’s tackle the smoothies and granola!

I was reading Shape magazine online and came across “50 Seemingly Healthy Foods that are Bad for You”.  Some of these are shocking, but when you read why you understand–most of it has to do with the added processed sugar.  Added sugar very quickly adds calories to any food.  Their suggestions were to 1) look for granola that is low in added sugar and high in fiber and 2) make your own smoothies.  A lot of smoothie places add high-sugar additions to their smoothies and many use full-fat ice cream.  Make ’em at home and use your own ingredients!  (cheaper too)…



My favorite way to make my own smoothies:

frozen fruit

light non-sweetened soy milk

no sugar vanilla pudding mix (or try a meal replacement shake powder!)

a touch of agave nectar


The pudding mix makes it thicken and taste- smoothie-like- just make sure it’s the sugar free kind!