Wannabe Fruit

Today kicked my a$$.  Seriously, I’m exhausted. Time for a recap (just to get it out of the way- did everyone vote? Yes, I did. Ok, done):

This morning was awesome actually… great workout with my personal trainer.  Got to workout with one of my good friends and mentors too.  She’s getting ready to adopt (baby’s due tomorrow!).  We were excited this morning, talking about names, the process, everything.  We started EARLY this morning- 6am.  



My building in the dark…so pretty and quiet.

Breakfast this morning:  oatmeal, a spoonful of peanut butter and strawberries.



I also brought white ayuverdi chai tea this morning to brew.  It’s been cold in my office lately- this was perfect. And the Teavana blend is naturally sweet, so you don’t have to add anything to it. 



My morning just went into whirlwind mode from there and didn’t let up until I finally got to leave work at 6:15 tonight. 

Lunch was while I was also on an important conference call.  I kept crunching carrots and thinking, well… if anyone hears me at least I’m the Co-Chair of the Health & Wellbeing Commision! Boiled egg for additional protein.  Was a pretty hearty lunch which was good- I didn’t have time for any fruit in between my meals. 



When I finally made it home, it was cold. For my evening run with Laney, I adorned arm warmers (YES I know I’m a dork.  NO, I don’t care that people think that):



Laney and I ventured into the chilliness for our run, and I had a plan.  Moved into the street- the left-hand lane- to avoid the constant acorn grabbing.  There wasn’t an acorn in sight.  Ha! April- 1, Laney- 0.   Then homegirl sees s phantom acorn on the other side of me and trips me in the process of sprinting in front of me.  April- 1, Laney- 1.  Well played, Laney, well played. 

After the nightly acorn-running adventure, I needed to stop and grab fruit.  I’ve never gone through fruit so fast in my life.  Found this interesting product at Publix while I was shopping:



What the hay? Just buy real fruit!  Like, right there, in the fruit section!  Craziness what people will do to trick themselves into eating healthy.  I’ve found even in the past few days just cutting the processed and eating clean allows me to appreciate the flavor of real food all over again. 

My investment in health:



When I got home I threw together a quick meal (delicious!):

Veggie pasta


Yellow Tomato


“Sauce”:  1 avocado, mashed; tbls pesto; half lemon, squeezed; salt & pepper to taste




Time to follow some election results!