Sustainable Running

Yesterday’s conference call really sparked my thought process on what sustainability means to me- not just environmentally, but in everyday life.  On my run this morning, I thought about the past few days and my struggle to get in a “good” run and what made this morning different.  I had a few thoughts I’ll throw in throughout the post.

Pre-Run Energy


Half a banana and half a glass of Spark was perfect fuel for a distance run this morning (and lots of water, of course).  Adding a small amount of food to my morning runs helps tremendously.

Sustainable Pace

I’m not always good at this.  But I know- I start off too fast and I can’t finish my run, or I push too hard and get injured.  In the first 2 – 2.5 miles I have to conscientiously remind myself to keep my pace steady.  Having the Garmin helps:


I try for negative splits, although today was fast 1st mile, slower 2, 3, and 4 and fast 5 mile again.  Not sure what type of training that’s called (or just:  “hills kicked April’s ass this morning” training plan).

Mental Ability

Or ambition, or positive energy, or berating/shaming yourself into finishing out a run.  Whatever works.  I use all three methods depending on my mood.  There is a certain part of distance running that relies on consistent training, but there’s also part of it that relies on how you tell yourself you’re going to make it through.

External Influences (aka, Music)

I live for music.  If I have a bad day, I pop in earphones and go for a quick run.  Love it.  Added new songs to my playlist:

Cash Out: Cashin Out

I Cry: Flo Rida

Somewhere with You: Kenny Chesney

Hall of Fame: The Script (this one is extra motivational- I love it!)

Your Body: Christina Aguilera

Afterwards:  Stretching, Showering, Re-fueling


Yummy: Apple, banana, muesli, soy milk. Good refuel. 

When I got into work I had a gift from Bob (our sweet accountant).  He knows me so well.


I already devoured the apple (hey!  5 miles will make a girl hungry!)


How Do You Know Runners are AWESOME?

If my marathon got cancelled, I’d be pretty sad. But in the light of hurricane Sandy, I would absolutely do this: Image

NYC marathoners that were supposed to have their race this morning instead volunteered on Staten Island.  Just awesome…so much respect.

I did get some motivation to run myself late this morning- my friend Thomas Pederson (The Baldman Chronicles) hosts a virtual 5k at least once/year.  Great idea. Unfortunately, I learned a lesson:  heavy leg days and running stadiums towards the end of the week are not conducive to a long run.  So, I ended up doing the interval run/walk thing (I always feel like all the other runners are judging me when I have to do this).


Got back in for a late breakfast- my muesli mix inspired yet again: banana, apple, muesli, soy milk.  Yumm.  I added a hard-boiled egg for protein (for those of you that know me well, yes…I AM the worst vegan ever.  Won’t eat meat but I will eat cage-free eggs).


After breakfast I focused on giving Big Bertha and Laney a little TLC– both needed baths!


Laney was much more difficult to wash than Big Bertha (don’t even pretend you don’t name your vehicles!!).  Squirrels and acorns rule Laneys world, and that is her only focus.  Sometimes I feel like I live in a cartoon. Laney, you’re so cliche.

Lunch was leftovers.  Waste not, want not!  I could talk for a long time about food sustainability, but I’ll save that for another day 🙂


On a side note, this is the first time I’ve finished a bag of spinach before having to throw it away.  Veggies are making me feel amazing…

My friend Andi brought me some ears of corn… I need to figure out some good corn recipes- any suggestions?