“Stop Being So Dramatic”

Said my personal trainer to me this morning….and I looked at him and burst out laughing.  He’s so freaking awesome.  And doesn’t put up with my BS.  Props to my trainer… he is definitely what I need for early morning workouts!

That workout felt like eons ago. I’m so tired, it’s been a long day. To be fair, I had a tough workout this morning:

1 mile progressive treadmill run #RWRunStreak (and through downtown Chicago on the Woodway)

Band-assisted pull ups- 3 sets to exhaustion (this was the “warmup”- and also where I began to get a little dramatic…)

Incline bench

Shoulder press

Tricep extensions

Bicep curls

Powerplate crunches

And then, I died.  

After I died, came back to life, and attempted to lift my arms to wash my hair; I shook up Meal Replacement shakes.  Love them, they’re filling and taste great. 



This morning I sat in on fitness instructor auditions (so fun to watch- and I definitely admire people who teach group fitness, I have zero coordination), then went to sweepings presentations to SGA to support our Recreation initiatives and present healthy campus initiatives.  

Lunch was steamed veggies:



…and an apple. 

I spent the afternoon in meetings, catching up with vendors that were passing through on their way to New Orleans, and taking care of projects that needed done before I leave tomorrow. 

Headed to the Athletic Business Conference in New Orleans tomorrow.  I’m excited- I’ve never been to this one, I hear it’s a great professional development conference, and I’m super excited about the fitness equipment expo to check out all the new trends!  Should be a good time – although I definitely can’t promise blogging everyday while I’m there.  I’ll do one “super blog” on Sunday recapping NOLA. 

I dropped Laney off with her dog-sitter, one of my students, David.  He’s already calling her “Pup-Chow”- a term of endearment- and she was best friends with him after 3 minutes.  I think when I get back this weekend she won’t want to come back home! 

Dinner when I got home was a tortilla-bean-tomato bake that I totally made up.  It turned out ok, but I was too tired to really try to care. 



Afterwards got to packing.  I’m terrible at that.  I tend to just not care and everything gets thrown into a duffel bag- then I hope and pray when I get there that I have what I need.  It tends to workout (usually).  At least I’m not the only one stressing about packing… Lo at least has me covered if I need it!



One more shoutout tonight- one of my former students and brilliant friends helped with my published article by combing through for grammar.  VERY appreciated- thanks so much Gabriel!  

And on that note, I’m exhausted… I’ll take plenty of pictures and do a recap this weekend, but looking forward to New Orleans and seeing good friends! 

Country Music and Cheap Chardonnay

Laney and I played hide-and-seek this morning.  I won.


Last night was sooo much fun.  It’s my friend’s birthday today (Happy Birthday LT!) and we celebrated last night with dinner and some country music.  Chase Rice is one of her childhood friends and was playing on campus as the Club Down Under.

Dressing for dinner I had a personal victory- I haven’t been able to fit into this shirt in a year!  My arms, chest, tummy were all too big.  Now it’s perfect!  Love it!


Dinner at Andrews was their California Salad- it was actually really delicious!


My first time at Club Down Under.  It’s strange to have a venue like this on-campus- my previous institution didn’t have anything like it at all…


They didn’t have much of a drinking selection so LT and I settled on some cheap Chardonnay.


And the best part- she gets pulled on-stage and he sang “Happy Birthday” to his old highschool friend.  So cute!


This morning I woke up VERY sore from my multiple workouts this week.  Breakfast was yummy: Frozen strawberries + vanilla shake = delish


When I got to work, Kitty Kat and I made a quick Starbucks run before meeting craziness took over our days.  I ventured out and got a skim sugar-free peppermint latte.  It was so festive in the store- holiday festive!


Looking forward to dinner with my cousin tonight and seeing my beautiful Michelle!!!!

Starbucks Is My Everest…

Especially when there’s one literally across the street from my office.  It’s all I can do to stop myself from ordering the high-sugar Salted Caramel Mocha (soooo good in my mouth- not so good on my hips!)


I settled on a Passion Fruit tea instead (still yummy- much less calories and no sugar) to go with my apple mid-morning pick-me-up.


I didn’t run this morning…. I decided I needed a day off.  I’m rarin’ to go now, though… kind of wishing I got my lazy butt up out of bed to run this morning!  But who can leave this sweet face?  She clearly needed a little more cuddle time.


I was worried I’d be really sore this morning from my upper body workout yesterday, but I think the nighttime recovery is actually working pretty well- I was only a little sore and have a lot of energy (atypical for a day after a tough weight session)


Breakfast this morning was banana, pear, muesli, and almond milk.  Was soooo good (don’t worry, my muesli was low sugar, high fiber)


And off to a Healthy Campus meeting!  (I love my job!)