“Run Annie Run” (THAT’S What Killed Me Today)

The Healthy Campus meeting was so much fun.  Everyone had great ideas and is willing to contribute to make our campus healthier.  Exciting!

Right after the meeting, Kellie- our Marketing Coordinator and crazy competitive workout freak of nature (all love, Kel, all love…)- convinced me to workout with her.  1) I had zero plans of working out until my nightly dog run; therefore had zero workout clothes with me and 2) am not even close to the fitness level Kellie is.  I agreed though…

First, we maxed out sets of 5 squatting.  I maxed with 3 sets of 5 at 165 lbs.  I think Kellie was at 220…

Then we maxed out sets of 5 reps bench press.  I maxed with 3 sets of 5 at 100 lbs.  Proud moment…wait for it… Kellie maxed at 80.  I couldn’t believe it…definitely a fluke today if I could outlift her in anything!  

She then showed me how to use the Jammer machine.  I mean, attempted to show me.  Or showed me and I just made a fool out of myself trying to get my form right. 

After our weight session, we got our heart rates up (WAY up!) with “Run Annie Run”.  The exercise consisted of 200 unders in jump rope, 50 situps, one lap around the track.  Come back and descend the ladder- 160 unders, 40 situps, one lap around the track; then 120 unders, 30 situps, one lap around the track (you get the idea).  

By the end of the session I really just wanted to know- WHO is this Annie that I’m cursing and why did she create a program of cardio torture???  🙂  Then I told Kellie we should do that every Monday/Wednesday.  I may have  a little of the Kellie-workout-freak in me. 

On the way out the door our Group Exercise Coordinator gave me one of the old body bars for my office (since yesterday I was in Kellie’s office doing deadlifts with her body bar- in my skirt.  I’m classy). 



I inhaled a quick salad lunch



My afternoon was spent doing Supervisor evaluations.  It really just made me so grateful that I have such wonderful and competent student supervisors working for me.  

Afterwards, I went out to the Rez to join the Rec board for dinner



Taylor’s excited for her food!

My plate…



My boss’s plate…



I got all preachy about greasy BBQ just to tease him, but he just grinned and stuck a forkful of pork in his mouth.  So much for that…

Got home to run Laney and make my dinner. I’m going to have to put Laney on an acorn cleanse I think.  She’s addicted.  My dinner was leftover couscous with avocado.  I wasn’t too creative and I did already eat some veggies, so figured I didn’t have to try to hard tonight. 



And that’s it today…going to make tea!