Revisiting Colorado- all grown up now (left to right: Justin, Chantel, myself)

I grew up a ‘Granola’ in Colorado- my parents met in a gym,  continued to maintain active lifestyles, put me and my sister and brother in ski school at a very young age (snow bunnies!), took us hiking, camping, and fishing, and encouraged us to participate in every major sport we could.

My first job was at a recreation center, and I learned to value physical activity and fitness at a young age.  In college, naturally my major drifted towards Recreation Management, and as I looked towards a career, I knew I wanted to be in the health/wellness field somehow.

University of West Florida Recreation Grad Assistants

With a graduate assistantship focused on wellness, maintaining fitness facilities, and exercise, it was easy and natural for me to stay in the habit of working out and keeping healthy.Now, at the age of 28, I work at Florida State University as the Assistant Director for the Fitness and Movement Clinic.  I love every minute of my job… providing new and innovative facilities and programs for students to learn at and focus on their health and wellbeing.  I’m involved in national initiatives such as Healthy Campus 2020 objectives, and a Co-Chair of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association Health and Wellbeing Commission.

While all of my career goals and dreams are coming true, I have to step back and take a look at myself.  Am I actually being  a healthy example for my students or has lack of time and motivation led my health to slip a little? Do I get a challenging workout every day?  Do I make healthy food choices?  Do I manage my stress so it won’t manage me? Do I take the necessary steps to keep my body healthy and active? Do I manage my weight well? Do I get enough sleep? Do I balance work and life?   I am a firm believer in setting an example for the people around you, the people that you influence.  So now I’m ready for a challenge- a challenge to spark health for myself and light the spark of health in those around me.  Follow me on my journey through real life goals and challenges, balancing work, exercise, and life outside of work, and discovering who I am and what kind of challenges I can take on along the way!

FSU Campus Recreation colleagues and good friends (left to right: Jen, myself, LT, Lo)

Love to hear from you!

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