Proof: Why I Avoid Black Friday Shopping Like the Plague

I really didn’t feel like blogging about my life yesterday.  Just one of those days, so I’ll do a quick recap:

Took off early to meet a friend in Gainesville for breakfast.  We ate at the Flying Biscuit Cafe and I ate like it was my last meal.  Seriously.  Omelette, pumpkin pancake and their famous biscuits.  Worth it.  And it was the only meal I ate yesterday.  It was also wonderful to catch up with a good friend.


I got back on the road and made it back to get laundry done (I leave for a conference on Wednesday) and set up my own Christmas decorations. 

I got in my quick #RWRunStreak run last night:


Afterwards, set about decorating.  I have angel decorations that my mom and grandma made and gave to me, so angel tree it was.  Had to have a glass of wine while decorating- although I ended up forgetting about it often…


As a wine conneiuseur, I keep my corks but never really have anything to do with them.  I decided ot make ornaments out of the ones that were still pliable enough.  Crafty, eh?  Sometimes I can be.


The afterproduct:


My morning has been uneventful- an apple for breakfast (wasn’t that hungry for some reason), got to work and had yoga mats in!  We keep adding equipment, love it.  I need to push out an article for one of the organizations I’m part of… I just need to find that motivation today! 


And saw this video online- just a reminder to myself why I typically steer clear of malls, Walmarts, Targets, etc on Black Friday:




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