My Legs Hate Me.

2 days after a long run is always the worst in terms of soreness- I’m not sure what compelled me to run Doak Stadiums today, but I sure did.  And my legs definitely hate me for it.  

I had trouble getting time or motivation to eat lunch today for some reason.  I got caught up in work, Supervisor evals, etc and just wasn’t motivated to hunt/gather food :).  I ended up with an apple before stadiums for energy and an apple after.



I got to experience the cleaning of the stadium after a huge game- it took a 11-man team.  So crazy.



Had to check in on Dave today- he had lost a bet with some friends at UF and sure enough… he wasn’t thrilled about his attire today. I had to see for myself.  Good sport!



I finally got home today and couldn’t bring myself for another mile- too tired and not enough energy.  I headed straight for food.  Dinner was a steam-in-bag meal: Couscous with spinach and lemon/olive oil light sauce.  I added avocado and egg because I was craving calories, fat, and protein. 



Got to work writing a publication for one of the organization’s I hold a leadership role in.  My best work is done 1) with candlelight and 2) with a glass of wine.  True story.  And the candle smells like christmas cookie.  Lovely! 





All finished with my first draft, completely exhausted, and trying to mentally prepare myself for early-morning training sesh tomorrow (first one after Thanksgiving is going to be ridiculous I’m sure- and… my personal trainer told me that on my way out of the gym today). Time for bed! 


Love to hear from you!

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