Sports Fandom is a Tough Road…

Sports rivalries can help make friends or split them; and it seems this complete devotion to sports (specifically college football, and mostly in the south…) is even worse Thanksgiving (rivalry) weekend.  Crazy some of the things I’ve seen on facebook.  Anyway, we had a house divided today.   OK, not even divided- I was a lone wolf, a one-man wolfpack.  Which made it worse when we lost, but I’m still proud of the Noles 🙂

Kellie checks on my attire from afar.  Glad I have a friend with a similar sense of humor as me!




Even the puppies get in on the rivalry action…





This morning felt like a long run day, and what a beautiful place to do that.  While I did have to dodge golf carts for 10 miles, the scenery was breathtaking along the golf courses this morning.



Breakfast afterwards was hearty- oatmeal, banana, peanut butter, honey.



Before we could go watch the game, we had to decorate for Christmas:



Chan, Dad and I decorate with champagne:



Some of our decorations:



I’m excited to get Laney and I a tree tomorrow when we get home.  Usually I don’t decorate or want to decorate but I had some good ideas for a tree…we’ll have to try them tomorrow!


Love to hear from you!

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