Black Friday: #thanksgivinginthevillages

Happy Black Friday from the villages.

This morning marked the 2nd day of the Running Streak Challenge.  Laney and I whipped out 3 miles around the golf course.



Breakfast was oatmeal, apples, pie spice (very holiday-ish), honey and protein flakes.



Mom and I made a quick run to use one of her discounts to the village stores.  They were busy, but I’m sure not even close to what the malls, etc outside “The Bubble” were today.  I scored $130 Bass boots for $30.  And they are cuteness.





Mom, Dad, Justin and I continued our holiday golf theme with our 11:30 tee time this morning.





I cracked open a La Croix sparkling water for refreshment- still not a huge fan of soda water but I’m getting more used to it.



Afterwards we went to the Havana Country Club (beautiful by the way) for beer and pizza. 



Ran back to the house to grab Chan and then went to play bocce ball and cornhole.  We’re a pretty competitive family, but Chantel is the one who really doesn’t like to lose…



Don’t make her mad!  🙂 These two are my heart. 

Trying to figure out dinner and when we can go into the villages for drinks 😉 Adios! 



Love to hear from you!

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