I’m Thankful for… Thanksgiving Vacation!

Can’t wait to start my short vacation and see my family and friends!  I love when the 5 of my family members are together- and this year with Thanksgiving at the Villages, I’m anticipating golf cart races :).

This morning I hit snooze 5 times.  I couldn’t drag myself out of bed for anything.  I think I was battling the “2 day later” soreness after my Sunday mileage.  I Sparked, and it helped a little but my bod is still dragging.

Breakfast was banana, oatmeal, cinnamon, pie spice, almond milk, muesli.  Kept me full until 11:30am


Lot of wellness discussions this morning- amongst FSU staff, national colleagues, and the Stanford Wellness staff particularly.  Excited about possibilities for expanding wellness initiatives, and the conversations are scheduled to continue (next week, after we stuff ourselves silly with turkey- or tofurkey in my case!). 

Lunch today was leftovers (hey, have to clean out my fridge for the rest of this week…)


Veggie medley, whole grains, soy sauce.

Also indulged in banana with peanut butter and honey (I’m always hungrier when I’m tired- which is why if you are striving for weight loss you should always get adequate amounts of sleep)…


I challenged my staff to the Runners World Challenge- FMC style.  They can do 1+ miles every day of anything- run, walk, swim, bike, elliptical, etc.  They just fill out the form so I can keep track and anyone who (honestly) completes the challenge will get a prize!  If you want to play, join in and fill out the form (click on the picture below)- instructions are on the form (*unfortunately I can only guarantee prizes to my staff, but maybe someday if I get enough blog readership!) For now you’ll get shoutouts 🙂


Nike shoe update:  Love em.  Never ever said that about a pair of Nikes, but the Frees are light and comfortable.  I haven’t tried to run or crosstrain in them but for everyday use, they are comfortable.


Finishing up work, then Syd and I head to Jax tonight for Yoga and UNF tours tomorrow before I get to see fam!

Safe travels to all!



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