You Know You Have a Bad Day When…

…Your car explodes clothing.  Luckily this wasn’t me today but I felt terrible for this poor guy whose car exploded (clothing…).  Your guess is as good as mine. 



I woke up feeling about 75 years old.  I hurt everywhere from this weekend’s activities.  

Breakfast was quick:



I had an early morning meeting with the Director of Wellness, then had to rush to get out to the Rez for our staff meeting and holiday potluck.  

Potlucks are kind of bad news for me- I really want to eat everything!  I have to practice extreme self-discipline (especially around mac and cheese).  I did eat some sweet potato casserole though (I mean, it IS the holidays!)



Dave proves he sometimes eats some vegetables.  I like giving him a hard time about it- he’s a good sport and he does like to tell me all the days he doesn’t drink soda (of which I’m very proud… 😉 ).  



After the potluck I came back to a present–  Nike Frees…I wonder if I’ll be able to tolerate them?  I love Nike products, minus the shoes…which tend to hurt my feet.  I’ll try them out though and let you know. I also had a new gym bag and some headbands waiting for me.  Love Nike!



Worked until 6, then headed home for the nightly Laney-April run.  Not as many acorns on the ground, and homegirl was real disappointed. 

Afterwards, I went in search of some Dreaming Tree.  I love Dreaming Tree- it’s one of my favorite wines and tonight I just really wanted a glass.  Didn’t find any, but I did discover a Syrah blend from France. And the name is freaking cool “The Wolftrap”.  Anything “wolf-y” reminds me of my brother (who I get to see soon!).  

Dinner tonight was easy.  Target’s Archer Farms Whole Grain Blend and Publix Veggie Medley.  Tear, pierce, use methods of violence to cook and viola!





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