We’re Going Streaking!



Classic.  Watch that movie clip here.

Seriously, though…we’re all going streaking.  Had this tweet from my friend at Baldman Chronicles yesterday:


The Runners World- sponsored Run Streak- holiday edition is here for 2012.  I haven’t done this challenge before but I am absolutely in.  I keep thinking…all the workouts I do?  This should be cake!  Minus those days I just really want to be lazy.  Or those days I have a tough personal training session.  Or Saturdays.  Or Sundays… ok, this could actually be a good challenge for me. 

Pledge to run with me!

1+ miles EVERYday from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day

Log your miles on twitter using: #RWRunStreak or via RW 2012 Holiday Running Streak Group

Don’t break the running streak!

A credible runner’s reason to shed extra pounds: for every 1 extra lb you carry, you put 4lbs of added stress on your knees!  Crazy, right?  Do your knees a favor and get rid of excess weight!  

Parting pic of the day for this post:  my super adorable group fitness instructor friend, dressed to the (fitness) nines in Lulumon (love that line).  Doesn’t she look like a cute little power ranger?



4 responses to “We’re Going Streaking!

  1. This sounds like a wonderful challenge! I just joined! I usually start the year with a 3 month challenge, I did good this year, went hard from Jan. to June, lost 15 lbs, then fell off a bit, gained 7 back, I’m determined to get back to a -15 loss if not more, and end the year in better shape than I started it. It will also, give me a jump start on next year’s challenge! So thank you for posting this!

    • Good for you! I’m right there with you- I still have a few more to lose. And when I read the article on livestrong about the added stress excess lbs put on your knees, I was extra determined to lose the rest of what I want to 🙂

      Keep me updated on your progress- it’ll help motivate me also!

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