When Tuesday Feels Like Monday

It may be a 4-day week but it’s going to be a long one.

This morning my personal trainer stood me up (car troubles).  He was there in spirit though- always keeping me on track.


We communicate most effectively via sarcasm.

I took Catalyst this morning.  Supposed to boost performance and promote better and quicker healing.  I didn’t notice a difference during my workout (which was totally different than what Forrest told me to do, by the way).  Hopefully I’ll notice the difference in the long run…


Breakfast this morning was a meal replacement shake. Those things really work, I wasn’t hungry until about 11:30!


My morning got real busy real fast.  Got a new powerplate in- that makes 3!  Tried it out a little, it actually has programmed workouts on this one- depending on what your goals are.  So crazy!  Can’t wait to try it out when I’m not in a skirt.


Wolfed down lunch while discussing agenda items for a meeting tomorrow, then I finally had a free 10 minutes right now to blog update!  (Ok, I’m also participating in NIRSA’s #RecChat randomly and replying to emails…). The rest of today I’m sure will be just as crazy…

Love to hear from you!

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