Energizer Bunny

THAT’S the kind of energy I’ve had today.  I have no clue why.

I went into the office to get a little work done and decided I would actually work out.  First, I wanted to get my weight and some measurements.

Day 1: 157 lbs, waist = 31.25″, hips = 40″

Day 12: 151 lbs, waist = 30″, hips = 36.5″

Progress- love it!

I downed an apple for some energy


My workout started on the Woodway treadmill- their virtual active trainer put me in the California mountains on a run.  I did a quick mile and the entire time felt like I was dodging trees and jumping rocks.  I got a little into it…I’m sure my staff was like, what is she doing on that treadmill?  Was so fun though!

Then I did a leg circuit- squats, hams, quads, calves, stairmaster.  Afterwards found a slice of pumpkin cream cheese roll from Leanne- all my staff has been super supportive of my venture, some just show it a little differently :).  Love it!  I’ll have to try a little later…


Got home and needed to clean the house.  Always feel better after that. Also pre-made lunches for the rest of the week and got some laundry done.  Then ate a late lunch of chili and a hardboiled egg for protein.


I still had plenty of energy so took Laney for a run.  We did twice the distance we typically do and I could have gone longer.  So crazy! Typically if I do a long run I’m out the next day so this is very strange behavior for me.  Laney loved it though…. she could have kept going also.

I came back to an adorable picture on my phone- one of my best friends got a bulldog puppy today- she is so precious.  He had a bulldog before and gave it to his mom to look after as he moved coaching jobs, but she didn’t want to give the dog back so he decided to just get another.  She really is so sweet, I can’t wait to see her in person.


After running I decided to make chocolate chip cookies for one of my friends who’s going through a tough time.  Even though he’s not vegan, I still make them that way :).  I use the recipe on the back of the Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chip bag, then substitute the butter for Smart Balance 50% lighter with flax and the eggs for 1/4 can of pure pumpkin puree. They are delicious but I wasn’t even tempted to eat any.  I’ve felt so incredible by just avoiding processed sugar in the past week that I was able to resist.


I like to set the mood with candlelight while I’m baking.  Or…maybe one of my lightbulbs in the kitchen went out and I’m too lazy to replace it right now.  You know, either way a little natural light is refreshing.

Dinner tonight was Indian-inspired: couscous with spinach dal and a side of broccoli and avocado.  Yum!


And I’m off to fold laundry and do my nails before bed…


Love to hear from you!

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