Free America: We Are Blessed

BIG thank you to all veterans and current servicemen (and women) out there.  The sacrifices you and your loved ones make every day ensure our freedom and I’m so grateful. Happy Veterans Day (well technically yesterday…)

This morning I decided to try a meal replacement.  OMG, soooo good.  I’m always a little leery but the vanilla is outstanding! Also- my supplement strips for the day:


I blended the meal replacement (220 calories) – vanilla flavored- with a banana, ice, and a touch of chocolate.  So yummy.


I’m having a lazy morning so far.  Heading to work in a bit to get a few things taken care of, but I’m loving this slow pace.  Work has been hectic lately and I’m completely enjoying having time for myself (and Laney!).

It’s so beautiful outside I may end up poolside later this afternoon for a bit to catch up on some of this book:


Good book.  I may also have to venture into Barnes & Noble here- one of the blogs I follow- Undressed Skeleton– recommended the book below and it sounds right up my alley:


The girl that writes Undressed Skeleton is 1) so adorable (I think homegirl should be on a runway personally) and 2) so inspirational.  If you click on her “Brief Bio” in her blog, she documents her growing up years- she was overweight and unhappy.  And bullied.  And she pulled through it and is now happy and healthy.  It’s so inspirational.  It make me recall some of my childhood.  I was never overweight as a child.  And I was never bullied (especially like kids are now -it’s truly terrible).  But I wasn’t the girl that really fit in.  I remember my freshman year of high school- I came home almost every night from school crying.  It broke my mom’s heart I remember, but honestly, that’s just small town living.  I went on to make the most of my high school years (mainly because there were a few girlfriends that were nice to me and I got a serious boyfriend for the last 2 years).  Reading Taralynn’s account made me recall some of those same feelings and also made me wonder- did I myself really treat other people in high school nicely and with respect?  Looking back, I hope so… but you never know. If not, I apologize to those that I may have mistreated in any way.



See? Inspirational.  And gorgeous!  Go be a model girl!


4 responses to “Free America: We Are Blessed

  1. Okay, so you made me cry because I DO remember and yes small towns can be the best or the worst time of your life (believe me I know that one well) but you persevered and look you came out so great!! You too are inspirational and I have to agree Taralynn is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Just wanted to say that you’re such an inspiration!! I remember how hard it was growing up in Wray, I went through the same thing. But you really are an inspiration to me today! I love reading your blog too!! Just the April I remember. 🙂

    • Aw, thanks lady! You’re so sweet. There were definitely ups and downs but I’m happy I got all of the experiences in my life I did- made me who I am today :). Hope you are doing well… love the pics of Alyssa – what a doll!

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