Spandex Saturday

I live in spandex and sweats on the weekends.  LOVE it.

Last night’s basketball game was a good one (unfortunately we lost).  I forgot how much I enjoy live basketball.


This morning I didn’t want to wake up at all… but I was definitely in a better mood than I’ve been for most of the week.  It’s the last day of my cleanse, I’m seeing the results I want to see, and feeling great. On a side note (for the ladies- sorry guys)- it’s “that time of the month” and I didn’t have any physical symptoms- I usually get pretty bad headaches and cramps that would kill a moose, but I had zero symptoms this month.  I have heard that sugar and simple carbs worsen symptoms, and I think that by cutting those and eating clean I’ve been able  to lessen/avoid the symptoms.

Anyway, went in to work this morning to do a diversity activity with the facilities staff.  Everyone seemed pretty engaged and we got into some conversation that I hope helped connect them as a team a little more and learn more about themselves individually.

Afterwards I decided to do a stadium workout.  It’s beautiful outside- sunny and a little chilly with a breeze.


It did get a little hot with the sun blaring…

Publix was my next stop- needed salad supplies for the Texas A & M/Bama game.


How awesome is their slogan: “Change the world one salad at a time” ?  Awesome!!

Ingredients beforehand:


Spring mix






light pesto-olive oil dressing

tomato-basil almonds

Mix together and viola!


I also made frozen chocolate covered bananas with almonds for dessert:


Ok, off to Lo’s house to watch the game!  Maybe I’ll wear Gator gear 😉


2 responses to “Spandex Saturday

  1. Oh no, I believe you might be a traitor??? Like the looks of the bananas, might have to try making some! AGREE on the carbs, clean diet and ADVOCARE, makes you feel terrific and makes your fat shrink, awesome!

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