Girl Can’t Cook

It’s actually really sad- my mother probably thinks I have half a brain because in the past week she’s gotten the following text messages: “Mom! How do you boil an egg?” “Ummm… how do you cook corn??” “Do you know of any recipes that have corn IN them?”.  All true (I know, it’s sad- what 28 year old doesn’t know how to boil an egg?). On a side note, mom pulled through and found me a corn-recipe website. 🙂

Anyway, on with life…

Day 9 of the cleanse.  I woke up exhausted today but Sparked it up and felt better. Fruit punch is definitely one of the better flavors.

Breakfast was oatmeal, muesli, banana and agave nectar. 


Laney: “mom, please drop some…”


When I got to work, Bob had left me a bunch of real fruit for my fake lime bowl. He may have been a little worried I was eating fake fruit (don’t worry, I’m not).


Work this morning definitely kept me on my toes.  Looking forward to a 3 day weekend! (Well, after inservice tomorrow morning).

Lunch today was asparagus, carrots, cucumbers, and smoky tomato vinaigrette on top.  I didn’t actually think it looked good as I was making it, but I didn’t want to waste it.  It was actually excellent.


Finishing up work and gearing up for my first FSU basketball game tonight- should be a good time!


One response to “Girl Can’t Cook

  1. It’s all true—but then what kind of a mom waits until 28 to teach you how to boil an egg! Yikes, I think I failed but then at least you know now–before 30 is good! The recipes looked good, right?

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