Half Marathon Planning…

Love Hal Higdon’s marathon and half training plans.  I decided to start with Novice 2.  Intermediate is possible, but I’m pretty far removed from last year’s half and I’m not sure I’m up for the speedwork, etc yet.  Next one, next one.

Gearing up for the Tallahassee Half– February 3, 2013- who’s with me?!

I was ravenous by 12:30pm today- even after breakfast, an apple and an orange.  5 miles made me starving! Lunch was salad with tomato, carrots, green peppers, apple, and smoky tomato vinaigrette.


My poor Coordinator agreed to help out in a bind and teach her second spin class at 12:30 today since no one else could do it.  She had a tough time walking down the stairs…  The best part was Starbucks was full so we had to go right back up the stairs to go back to my office to meet.  Poor Syd 🙂


Got home and checked the mail- latest issue or Runners World!  It’s like Christmas once a month.


The nightly Laney-April run was a COLD one tonight.  I suited up like Catwoman!


Meow!  I do amuse myself.  And I do feel like Catwoman in that outfit.

Laney and I had a more eventful run than most nights- halfway through she stopped to throw up Lamb Chop (I thought that saga was over… apparently not).  She clearly felt better and started in on acorns until a deer crossed in front of us.  And… Laney now has a new, bigger goal.

Dinner tonight was leftovers- rice, peas, onions, and chickpea blend.  I’m too tired to get creative with food tonight…



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