Animal Cracker Ape

Halfway through my afternoon I started eyeballin the big tub of animal crackers under my desk.  For real, I have one of those.  I loooove animal crackers (the only animals I eat!).  My staff even calls me “Animal Cracker Ape”.  Cute nickname…but, they aren’t so healthy…


I settled on a banana instead.

As I was (attempting) to write a report (it really was a typical Monday today), I ended up admiring my shoes instead.  Went on an all-out search for cute closed-toed shoes that are flat on Saturday.  Last week my right hip and knee started hurting- I was terrified it was from running but figured out it was most likely from wearing heels all the time.  I’m getting too old to look cute in heels anymore! (at least it wasn’t the running!)


FINALLY made it through today and headed home.  Tallahassee rush hour at 5pm isn’t so fun though…I really have to remember to leave at either 4:30 or 6pm.


Came home to walk Laney- aka, “drag homegirl past as many acorns as I can without her snatching them up”.  It’s an everyday battle for us both.

Dinner was easy, cheap, healthy, and tasted great.  Can’t get much better than that. Target’s Archer Farms creates steam-in-bag meals.  Thai-inspired rice and veggies = delish!




Night 5 of the cleanse, I took Herbal Cleanse pills and Nighttime Recovery.  And now I’m sitting with a hot cup of jasmine tea (with a splash of agave nectar and soy milk) while I wind down from the day.

Goodnight, fare thee well, until tomorrow….


Love to hear from you!

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