Smoky Tomato Vinaigrette is the Ying to my Yang

The rest of my Friday was BUSY…

I devoured my salad for lunch.  The funny thing is that when you get rid of all the processed food with processed flavors, you really start tasting REAL food again.  I forgot how much I enjoy tomatoes. 


NIRSA conference call was very productive.  I have a great Co-Chair and great Commission that are equally as passionate about wellness on college campuses. We ended up talking about Spelman College- the institution recently dropped their athletic program (with expenses of about $1 million) and put some of that money towards fitness and nutrition programs for their students. I haven’t settled on an opinion on that situation, but figure reaching out to their recreation department to see if there is any way to assist is the best thing to do. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on organization reports and by the time 5pm rolled around I couldn’t even see straight.  I always wonder how bad it is for your eyes to be staring at a computer screen all day.  Harvard got me some answers. 

I still needed to run some errands.  We are having a staff Bake-Off on Sunday… categories are Appetizers, Desserts, and Vegan.  Winners of each category will receive the “Golden Kitchen Utensil” Award.  I ran to grab supplies for the trophies and am leaving it up to my art major on staff (Demi!) to make them:



On my way out the door to grab the supplies, I needed some quick energy.  Opted for an orange.



When I got back from picking up kitchen utensils and spray paint, I still needed to squeeze in a workout.  One of my favorite workouts is in the stadium.  And Doak-Campbell stadium is peaceful around sunset.



It’s an inexplicable feeling to run by yourself in a huge stadium, then go to a game on gameday and have it be filled with thousands and thousands of people. 

Finally made it home and made some dinner:  Vegetarian chili and spinach, avocado, and cucumber salad with a dash of the most AMAZING smoky tomato vinaigrette.  Seriously, I’m in love with the flavor!  Found it at Target- Giada de Laurentiis makes it and not only is it outstanding but it won’t break the bank.  



Looking forward to a weekend of no traveling!  I’ve been hopping around almost every weekend and I’m excited to get caught up on laundry and hang out with friends here.  Also looking forward to the Greek festival tomorrow with Kitty Kat, although I’m going to miss me some Greek wine.  Oh well, looking forward to Greek salad!

Time to sign off… I promised Laney a night of chick flicks and she’s clearly tired of waiting for me.



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