Lazy Saturday

Or, it started out that way. 

Laney and I slept until 8 am and didn’t get out of bed until 8:30.  THAT was amazing.  Even so, she didn’t want to get out of bed, even to go for a run. 



I have to say, usually on the weekends I wake up feeling tired and have a headache- even those weekends that I don’t party at nights.  My weeks are long and jam-packed.  Today I woke up and felt better than I have on a weekend in a looooong time.  I may just give up this drinking thing for good! (just kidding, I take it back!)

Spark and a banana got me going this morning while I lounged and continued the chick flick marathon for a bit. 



I can’t lie- grape tasted a lot like cough syrup.  Better than cough syrup, but still.  I’ll be sticking with fruit punch or mandarin orange.  LOVE those ones. 

Took Laney for a couple-mile run this morning… we went fast and only because I was trying to drag homegirl the entire way.  She’s a complete acorn addict.  Every. Single. Acorn.  Must. Eat.  It’s ridiculous.

Got home for breakfast.  3rd day of the cleanse. Fiber drink, Omega supplements and muesli + apple + light soy milk = deliciousness.  I haven’t had muesli in forever… it was wonderful, especially mixed with the apple and soy milk.  



I lounged a little more then headed out to the golf course to meet one of my friends for lunch.  Bill Woodyard is a FSU professor in the Business Department as well as a lawyer and literally knows EVERYONE.  It’s crazy.  We had lunch and I made some new friends (the norm when you’re anywhere with Bill). 



Florida is Florida again.  Hot!  I’ve been here for a decade and still can’t believe it’s November and not cold/snowing (the norm in Colorado).   Lunch was difficult ordering out, but I did the best with what I could.  House salad with tomatoes, onions, a hard boiled egg and a little balsamic vinaigrette.  It wasn’t great but better than any other alternative on the menu. 



Afterwards needed to get my oil changed and do a little shopping so I headed to Sears at the mall. So convenient.  Found a couple cute tops, shoes, sunglasses and a watch and came out only spending $80!  Thank you, Express coupons (does anyone else send their friends pictures of the clothes they try on to get their opinions?)



Also had to stop at Target.  They have excellent frozen vegetable blends by Archer Farms.  I also found this little treasure… remember Lamb Chop? Laney’s chewed them all up already.



Love to hear from you!

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