My Sweats Look Like MC Hammer’s

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there is nothing better in the world than coming home and putting on big, baggy sweats after a long day at work.  I think the male equivalent to this is walking in the door and taking off your pants.  Am I right, boys?

Long afternoon of work and meetings and I started to drag a little by 4:30pm.  I was co-presenting to students in an hour about NIRSA and needed some fuel



I used to get tired of apples.  But I’ve learned to appreciate them so much.  And it’s true what they say- an apple and water gets you the same results as a cup of coffee. 



Talked to our rec students about NIRSA, the professional organization for our field, and it’s benefits. Most of them are in the process of job searching and I know (very well) how that feels.  Wishing them well…

Finally made it home for the day to make dinner. 

My version of fried rice: whole grain brown rice (boil in a bag- yes, I’m lazy), steamed peas, and water-sauteed garlic, onion, and green pepper with soy sauce to taste.  Add a hard boiled egg for protein and looks like I’ve got some balance!



I’m also looking forward to the Nighttime Recovery supplement- my personal trainer really put me through the ringer on Tuesday- my arms and shoulders are so sore!  I’ll be going to bed early tonight, definitely. 


Time for dinner and to sit down and watch the Forks Over Knives documentary (finally!).  My friend Tina got it for me and I still haven’t had time to watch it.  Can’t wait- I love food/social/food politics documentaries. 



Love to hear from you!

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