Just Another Manic… Friday?

Back to back meetings today. I don’t mind though… I’m a busy bee and feel most productive that way.

It was a struggle to get out of bed this morning though… I had grand plans to run 5 miles and those were shattered when my alarm went off and Laney snuggled closer to me. Ok, snooze again. I’ll just run stadiums later today.

Needed some energy this morning, I did feel a little sluggish.


I’m beginning to think Spark is some sort of miracle solution come to save me from my dependence on coffee.  It worked and it worked quickly this morning.

Breakfast had to be quick- I almost forgot about an 8am meeting!


Mmm… apples and oatmeal.  I’m going to have to do some creative research this weekend to spice up my breakfasts.


And day 2 of my cleanse.  The fiber drink honestly actually tastes better than it looks.  I’ve done cleanse systems before and this is definitely the best kind I’ve had.

Yesterday I was lamenting giving up coffee (and alcohol- another of my vices- who can’t resist a tempting glass of Malbec at the end of a long, stressful workday??).  Today I actually feel really good.  It’s amazing the difference clean eating will make.

And I was NOT expecting this at all, but it has to be a side effect of the cleanse- my skin tone and clarity has improved just overnight!  I’m really happy about that.  I’ve invested in various topical products– my latest investment:

ImageClinique’s Even Better Dark Spot/Skin Tone Corrector.  It does work, but I’ve been using for months and haven’t seen even close to the results I saw this morning looking in the mirror.  I mean, it makes sense- beauty is literally from the inside out.  The cleanse is getting rid of toxins and the clean eating is nourishing.  LOVE IT.

My 8am meeting was a fun one.  Manual Medicine meetings happen monthly in my building, where all the practitioners and clinicians (and me!) get together to discuss patients, processes, and therapy techniques.  My background is education, so I’m definitely the outsider.  But I’ve learned so much and continue to collaborate with wonderful colleagues!

ImageIn the Physical Therapy treatment room.

ImageRobin is having Dr. VanTassel demonstrate the Graston Technique on her leg.  The Graston Technique is instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that helps clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue from injuries.  I swear, I always come out of these meetings with my head spinning from all the things I learn.

I squeezed in a quick walk to Starbucks with my “work wife” Kitty Kat (or Kat, if you must).  We try to have coffee dates once a week.  No more coffee for me though- I settled on Passion Fruit tea.  It’s hot, tasty, and works for me (although I DO miss the taste of coffee– welcome to addiction.).


Rushed to a couple more meetings, grabbed an apple in between and now it’s time for lunch and to get ready for the NIRSA Health & Wellness Commission call at 1:30.


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