When You Work at a Gym…

And you get new equipment in… what do you do?? Play of course!


Kellie demonstrates while Lo and I watch


And, homegirl has monkey tendencies.

I love working in a place where we all have the same passion and care about fitness.  Staff spent about 20 minutes trying stuff out and brainstorming ways to use the equipment.  I can’t wait for my next workout in the group training studio!

By 10:30 I was hungry! I opted for strawberries and peaches



Proof that not eating breakfast can affect your mood:  my Membership Coordinator’s shopping list to me:


Ha- I told her it was time to get some food!!

Last night I prepared salads for the next 5 days: Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, avocados and light balsamic dressing


My diet lately has consisted of much more grain food than I needed and not enough fruits/veggies.  I already feel better!

My salad-eating sparked a lively debate about vegetables masquerading as fruits.  I had to go back later and look up the the information.  This is for you, Demi, Sydney, and Brandon:  http://www.ehow.com/list_6910461_fruits-actually-vegetables_.html



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